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Twinflames – Is it about living together happy?

Twinflames are not just about living happily with our soulmate until the end of our days, but finding your way back to our true self. Of course, this is not an easy undertaking, since the beloved ego is always in our way. It is even the hardest thing and, depending on the will, can take up to several lifetimes.

What is a Twinflame? Your Twinflame is the second part of your soul. You separated before you incarnated on Earth. It’s basically you. You are the same. It is also your perfect mirror. The Twinflame or twin flame, no matter what you want to call it, shows you your true self. It reflects you. For example, if it is passively aggressive, then you can basically see where and why you are passively aggressive.

The process you go through to live unconditional love is a very rocky and lengthy one.

It is the path with the highest heights and the deepest lows.

On the way with the Twinflame, all of our own inner problems, traumas and our supposed “inadequacies” are shown and reflected. It is up to us what we make of it.

If we get involved, the “reward” will be close to a miracle.

We are thrown back on ourselves. On our own inner self. We learn to recognize and integrate the ego so that we can penetrate deeper and deeper into ourselves, make our light shine and thus learn bit by bit to live free, unconditional love. This is the way back to our true self.

That you started the process in this life shows that you are ready for it. Otherwise you would not have agreed to take this difficult path together, even if the soul partner you want is not right at your side, it is still there.

And he loves you unconditionally, otherwise you could not experience what you are experiencing. Be it ups or downs. You both are ready to walk the way back to yourself. And the more you accept yourself, the more your soul mate will do it.

Many know the myth of emotional clarifier and head man / let-goer with Twinflames. This is just a concept of the ego that needs to be let go. Because here you are thrown directly into the illusion of separation. There is no me, there is no you. There is only one. The ego specializes in maintaining this illusion. That’s why there is no one who has to let go or clarify his feelings, except yourself. Everything you judge the other, all expectations you have of your Twinflame, you place on yourself and you judge yourself -> direct mirror.

You have found your mirror in your Twinflame. You are your Twinflame. This only shows you who you really are.

Twinflames are reflected in the perfect way. They are anima and animus for each other. Everyone naturally carries these two energies within themselves. Often, however, we are not able to express and live these sides, hide them or even ignore them entirely through the years of indoctrinations, manipulations and programming of family, society, church and state.

It is important to bring these pages to light again and to integrate them. The more we do this, the more complete we feel, the closer we are to our true selves.

It is important to work through the topics that keep you away from your soul mate or what keeps your soul mate away from you.

Important: Not every Twinflame process ultimately leads to a happy relationship with this very person. On the way you will find that you step deeper into unconditional love and can let your soulmate be as he is, whether he is by your side or not, then it plays less and less role for you.

Maybe when the time comes, you will choose a completely different partner who vibrates with you and with whom you can live the love you live. Maybe you just decide for yourself and want to continue on your own. You will then know what is really good for you and what you really feel comfortable with. Your heart will let you know.

At the end of the way you will find yourself with yourself and draw your strength and knowledge from yourself.