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Remote Healing – Removing implants, retrieving soul parts, dissolving soul contracts, removing karma, occupations

Shiva Suraya has always had the ability to “see”. For the past three years, she has trained the ability of remote healing intensively and after having achieved excellent results with several test subjects, she is now ready to offer this service to everyone of all ages.

This is a remote session. You meet with her on a certain day and at a certain time. Shortly before the session begins, you will receive a message or email to begin the session. The session lasts approximately 45-70 minutes.

What is Remote Healing?

Remote healing is the art of using your inner perception and clairvoyant abilities to establish contact with a person and to “scan” them, i.e. the person concerned is checked through together with their body in order to determine energetic problems. Then it is determined which of the following energy loads exist:

  • Removal of implants, implant systems at all levels
  • Cleansing and healing the energy bodies and chakras (open)
  • Remove all kinds of occupations (entities, aliens, dark entities etc.)
  • I also dissolve karmic contracts, promises and oaths, and soul contracts of all kinds
  • Dissolve karma and karmic entanglements
  • Dissolve contracts, oaths, oaths, vows and promises
  • Remove blockages of all kinds and on all levels
  • Entry into your past lives to collect lost soul parts, free them (if necessary), heal them and reintegrate them into your overall personality
  • Direct communication with the entities that occupy you and free them from your energy field
  • Communication with the unreconciled personality parts that cause you worries and stress in everyday life and then reintegrate them
  • Bring the energy cycle back into harmony and open the gates to better wellbeing, more health, more lightness in life and inner satisfaction
  • Activation of the soul star chakra if permitted

A topic that is not given enough attention is spiritual healing. There is much more going on in us, above us, than we dare to believe and accept. There is much that the human mind cannot accept and deny, since the truth seems so absurd that one does not want to deal with it at all.

But these things are real and they exist. I don’t want to go into all that has happened and happened in the universe at all, but rather what is happening in our reality, perceptible and so directly changeable.

Man is not just the physical body. We are multidimensional beings. We have alternative realities, soul parts in other higher or lower dimensions (other frequency ranges), we have different energetic bodies, such as the astral body, mental body, emotional body, spiritual body and so on, which are all located in different frequency ranges.

Anyone who has freed themselves a bit from normal thinking should be aware that we are not alone in the universe. And that will probably be everyone who reads here or watched our Matrixxer videos.

I have seen so many different alien races that I would need a lot of hands to describe them all. One of them is good and some are bad. Just to put it completely clichéd. Basically, all beings are good because everyone does what he thinks is the best. But that would only be a distraction for the subject at hand.

So let’s assume there are beings who want to help us and those who want to harm us. Let’s just call them light and dark powers, as used in the spiritual scene. For example, there are the Grays and the Reptiles, which are primarily put to the dark. It is easy to forget that not every living being is evil. But only by the way.

Of course, these beings have their tasks, their goals and their intentions. They are not always in line with how we imagine the world. Tools are required to implement these goals and plans. These tools include implants or entire implant systems. There are so many of these that you can’t just list them. They have a wide variety of functions. Primarily to either withdraw energy, manipulate people, for example through thoughts, emotions, actions or to make them compliant. These implants are and are attached to the subtle bodies – and since you have a body for every frequency range and many of us have already lived 1,000 or even 100,000 years, you can imagine what has accumulated over time.

But to name a few other examples: The implants can block the dream memory, suppress natural abilities, e.g. like clairvoyance, feeling clear, telepathy, empathy and so on. Implant systems are often also used to secure an existing implant if it is removed or to reinforce a function again.

In addition to the various implants and implant systems, there are also occupations. This is not uncommon and often less dramatic in everyday life than shown in films. You don’t crawl with your face on your back on the ceiling. Occupations often aim at energetic reasons. That means entities nest in the chakras or energy bodies in order to feed on a personality. You may often feel drained, weak, or the like.

However, it is not always for energy reasons. Often these beings also pursue the goal of manipulating thoughts or feelings. Implants like entities are able to implant thoughts and feelings in a person, so that you think of them as your own.

If you have not thoroughly examined and reflected on your own thoughts and feelings, it is difficult to distinguish them from other thoughts or feelings.

Finally, the good old karma. As I often read now, it has become fashionable to say: karma does not exist. If I don’t believe in it, it doesn’t exist.

This is only partially correct. Karma does not exist and it does exist. How do I get this statement? It doesn’t exist, so people are fundamentally right when they say it. From a higher perspective, karma does not exist and is an illusion. Before you have fully understood this illusion (and I am not aware of anyone who has it entirely), there is karma for it. Because, in order to let karma be what it is, an illusion, you have to have full awareness of yourself, that includes your own wholeness, which in turn includes all alternative self, multidimensional selves and of course all incarnation selves. And if you have not only lived for 1000 years, but 100,000 years – and this is not uncommon – then you are still a bit busy with karma on this 3D level.

In this context, karma means karmic entanglements and contracts. If you promised someone 200 years ago: “I will hate you forever!” Then you will too. If you meet this soul in this life, you will probably not stand it. This is now a simple example of an entanglement.

There are much more complex treatises, especially since most souls do not only meet for one or two lives, but often for ten or hundreds of lives. Then you were not only the good, but also the bad, cursed or bewitched others, provided them with sigils and so on. That sticks to one. Everything is also stored in our DNA. Every piece of information or experience that we have ever received in our existence is encoded in us and our DNA.

Many souls often play together because it is easier because there is some affection. Maybe because of the same soul family and so on. So as long as you believe in any way that you are human and body, there will be karma, at least here in our physical reality.

Souls often experience traumatic experiences. Be it in this incarnation, another one, on the 3D plane or another one. In these cases, soul parts are split off. It doesn’t always have to be the worst experience you have, because in everyday life you split up every now and then. Be it because you are not fully focused on what you are doing. However, that is a different topic.

The traumatically split personality parts (in this incarnation) or soul parts have to be found and collected. Often soul parts are also split off, kidnapped and enslaved by entities. You feel emptier, more drained and so on.

Alone, when we incarnated on this level, we split and not just once. We, as a whole, have split up and put parts of ourselves in the 3D plane, in different realities, to tap a wide range of experiences.

There is still a lot you could write about implants, how they are built, who sets them, why they are set and so on.

With all this, however, one should not forget that we have given our consent to everything that happens, whether consciously or unconsciously. We are responsible for all of this. We then introduce ourselves: “Yes, that was my higher self,” but forget that the higher self is yourself. It’s just a different perspective from us. It is a trap to think that there is a power above us. We are power in an expanded form of consciousness. Everyone can perceive it in moments of absolute silence. Everyone can be touched by this silence and feel, that’s me too. So the trap is, first, to believe that there is something that is outside of us and that is above us, and second, that the responsibility of pushing this away from us then lies on the higher self, which is supposed to be above us and watches.

To tackle the whole thing, you first have to take responsibility. Say: Yes, I am not aware of everything, but a part of me that I am has agreed to all of this. Seeing yourself as a victim of the circumstances would only lead to even more suffering, which leads even deeper into the hamster wheel. But we want to get out of there. So the first step is – out of the victim role – into responsibility. It does not matter whether we are aware of the fact that we have given consent for everything we experience. If we didn’t have that, we wouldn’t be in this situation. As simple as that.

Do you really need a spiritual healer or remote healing?

The simple answer is clearly no. Nobody actually needs it, but it makes work a lot easier.

It is inside as well as outside. This is not a neo-esoteric saying. If you eat a basic diet, no disease in the body can survive.

When you are in love, no entity can cling to you, no implant would hold, karma loosens on its own. Love is not only the strongest force in the universe, it swings so high that nothing can withstand it.

Would you swing very high how could an implant be placed or an existing one held that has a much lower frequency? How could an entity nestle that vibrates much deeper? You would not “taste” this being energetically. This being would not have the idea of ​​clinging to someone who vibrates in love. This is probably called the lotus effect. Everything rolls off.

And not only that implants and entities have no chance, old beliefs, behavioral patterns, programming and so on would dissolve in good will.

But increasing your own vibration so far, practically out of nowhere, is admittedly damn difficult. After all, you have learned throughout your life how to be, how to program and how to behave. How best to protect yourself and how to keep your heart closed so that nobody harms you. That this is now a trap and only an alleged protection is of course another matter. Long story short, an open heart leads to acceptance, acceptance leads to an increase in frequency, leads to freedom.

The path I took also started with a spirit healer. I spent a few hours and sessions there to get the rough “garbage” out. At the same time, of course, self-reflection and self-work are required to open the heart more and more, piece by piece, for love and thus to increase one’s own frequency a little more.

In this sense, a spiritual healer can be a good start-up aid. The other case, where a spiritual healer can do a good job, is with hidden or abducted parts of the soul, if one does not yet have the perception for deep-seated implants, aggressive entities that do not want to let go, personality parts from past lives that one can relate to cannot yet remember and of course dissolve karmic entanglements, which, as mentioned, can sometimes be very entangled.

Everyone can also do this spiritual healing work on themselves. Often, however, one does not have the courage to think everything is imagination or dismiss it as one’s own imagination, because one does not have enough confidence in oneself and the inherent abilities. Incidentally, these are also split-off personality parts that need to be integrated.

How does Shiva work?

“First of all, I look at the client’s photo. However, I look at it from a higher or better perspective. You can imagine it similar to remote viewing. There you get a target and then you have to describe the location. In my case it is the photo. Of course my soul knows the soul frequency of the other and I feel as soon as the connection has been established.

Then I connect to the source, go to my heart portal and move to the level that is infinite and consists of infinite light. You are already waiting for me there. Either I will find you there automatically or with your higher self or spirit guide or both. But family members can also appear, friends from the 3D level (everyday world) or from levels above it. Everything is possible.

Next I put all of your energetic bodies in my cleaning capsule. This is programmed in such a way that it removes the superficial implants in advance and sucks up external energy. The resulting injuries are filled with the primal energy of unconditional love or the primal source.

This is an automatic process and runs in parallel throughout the treatment. In the meantime I go to you and work with and on you. The process is observed by your higher self and it helps when it becomes more difficult.

I am only shown what is currently allowed to be done for you. That means I get the instructions from your higher self. I cannot and do not want to intervene personally with you and do something against you or the will of your higher self. “

What is important to Shiva when it comes to spiritual healing

“It may sound strange at first, but the personal story of the person who asks for help is not relevant to me and also not desirable. Since I am guided by the higher self of the respective client. I would also like to I avoid being influenced by personal and emotional things so that I can fully focus on spiritual healing. I want to go to the session with an open mind. “

Session expiration – Remote Healing – 1 hour

  • Nach der erfolgreichen Buchung sendest Du eine E-Mail an Shiva: remote-healing [ät]
  • Danach wird zusammen ein Termin ausgewählt
  • Die Sitzung dauert in etwa eine Stunde.
  • Zum abgesprochenen Termin legst oder setzt Du Dich entspannt hin und fühlst in Deinen Körper und Deinen Geist hinein. Solltest du während der Sitzung einschlafen oder kurz aufstehen müssen, hat das keinen Einfluss auf den Effekt der Sitzung
  • Nach der Sitzung sendet Shiva Dir eine E-Mail mit dem Protokoll und einem ausführlichen Bericht
  • Nach der Sitzung kann der Tag für Dich ganz normal weitergehen. Ein frisches Glas Wasser wäre nach der Sitzung empfehlenswert
  • Solltest Du darüber hinaus noch Fragen haben, steht Dir Shiva per E-Mail oder im Telegram-Chat gerne zur Verfügung

Termin bei Shiva buchen

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

“I had an appointment with Shiva at 5pm. At 4:00 p.m. I suddenly noticed something happening to me. It was like someone was doing something energetically to me. It was so intense and strong that I had to sit down. When I later spoke to Shiva, it turned out that she was in Cyprus and had missed the time since it was 5 p.m. with her, but only 4 p.m. here in Germany. Afterwards I felt really liberated and light. It was really awesome. ”

“… very good … For me it was already done by Shia and was noticeable a short time later … I think the long-term results will gradually become more noticeable … You have to open up to us and accept it … Thanks shiva😘”

“I had also arranged a meeting with Shiva. We also wasted 1 hour.
I actually wanted to lie down on my bed and take a close look at what was happening to me. but that wasn’t necessary. 🙂
When I was talking to my mom, I noticed a warm feeling, full of enthusiasm, and I felt my charisma very intensely. I didn’t really know where it came from because it was just so noticeable.
When I went into the kitchen to prepare dinner, I suddenly noticed how my body started to work. At times I even had to sit down because the feeling was so intense. I would like to briefly note that I assumed that the session would only start in an hour.
Some time later, I got the message with all the information. With the things that she solved, cleaned and healed with me. She also got an insight into one of my past lives. Exactly at this time in which I was able to get a glimpse myself. Thereupon I had a question that had bothered me a lot. She answered this with her insight.
Since that day I feel lighter and braver. Blockages that I had before are now ready to be processed completely. Before that, I was also limp and lacking in drive, which has also changed in me. 🙂

I am very grateful for your loving healing
<3 ″ – Melanie

Hello dear Shiva!

Thank you very much for your help. Something has changed fundamentally. When I got up after the lesson, I felt like I had a muscle strain in my left and right thighs. I felt that briefly today. But not too tragic. I felt throughout the day that I was more balanced, happier, and arrived in the present.

Decisions are much easier for me now and I don’t wait for what others say, mean or judge about me. My carousel of thoughts has turned off and now I can listen and argue better again. I also had to let a few tears run short yesterday because I was impressed by the results of your work. You have taken energy robbers from me and also closed my holes in the aura again, it seems to me. The situation is new to me, but already known from before, and I would like to get used to it again. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I have been meditating regularly since 2012 and have been able to develop step by step and with a lot of patience. Say lucid dream … Lucid dreaming, out of body experiences and other intangible things in the physical world. I became aware of the videos and the pages of Matrixblocker and the Matrixxers. My interest was piqued. I just think Shiva and Jonathan are special because there is something about them that cannot be put into words.

I got to know Shiva a little better on Instagram, I told her that I was stuck in my spiritual development at the moment and was stuck and offered me a session with her. This lasted about an hour. During this time I meditated myself.

I felt something pulling on me and noticed that I was being scanned from foot to head by her. Also the warm wave that flowed through my body. After that, I made wonderful progress on the part of my higher self. I feel the extra energy that Shiva mot gave.

To date, this has lasted. This woman understands exactly what she is doing. she is full of love. I can recommend it only. It is great !!!!! Kind regards from Manuela

Dear Shiva,

You still know how grateful I am … finally feel free and connected again. There are still certain not so beautiful emotions of anger coming up, but I think this has to do with the misused soul share that is currently in healing is .. I connect to my soul star more than once a day, and have got the knowledge that emotions can come out now, that’s why I still perceive it … Yesterday the meditation was very healing and cleansing .. Opened up once started to hit my chest really hard with my fist … And it was like I was choking out a little bit by breathing 😊
After that I started chanting in a low voice like a Buddhist monk, and the chanting ended in very high notes …
So finally there is a lot going on and my channels can be cleaned dürfen
Dear Shiva, I would like to do more sessions with you .. It is important to me and a need to finally wake up properly and I have the feeling and trust that the person found in you who can accompany me on the way ..
What do you think, would it be possible to do another session in 3-4 weeks?

Greetings C.