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True love: Nothing really exists except true love!

Nothing really exists except true love!

In my state, which I would like to describe immediately, I got an overview of the whole, the whole as it really IS. This experience and knowledge will certainly be misunderstood by some, because it is difficult to understand – unless you have seen it yourself.

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Receive Unconditional Love…

Receive Unconditional Love…

…that’s what the world needs. It is the most powerful force in the universe. Unconditional love have the ability to heal, because the healing energy is so spoken „integrated“ in the love frequency.

Just send me a picture of you, or post it in the comments below and I will send you the Healing Love Energy. You can feel this love I send to you, if you already have an open heart, but even if you have trouble opening it (everybody is on that way, for some is harder, for some easier, depends on the spiritual work in this life and past life), you will receive it anyway.

This Love will work within you and will heal you on every level, to your highest divine good. It will not solve all problems, because I can not do your spiritual and mental work, but it will heal what is no longer serving you and will speed up your spiritual growth.

© Shiva Schreiber

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