Do you want to expand your awareness and develop spiritually?  

“Matrixxer” is the project of Shiva Schreiber and Jonathan Dilas (aka “The  Matrixblogger“).  

Who mainly deal with the topic “Exit from the Matrix” and thus offer  seekers the opportunity to show the ways to the Matrix and the Leave the  reincarnation cycle.  

The more people awaken, the weaker the side that tries to keep us  trapped here. Together we can tear portals into the electromagnetic grid that takes us  into the free universe and out of the matrix. 

It is about, the LightTrap, The Matrix and leaving the Matrix, out of body / astral experiences, interdimensional traveling, lucid dream, Pineal Gland / third Eye / rising consciousness, unconditional love, Awakening, hypnagogic states, Future visions, clairvoyance, past lives regression, true self, the ego, transformation of the mind, time traveling, the void, digital and analog self and so much more

We hope that people can unite and thus contribute to the good of  mankind.  


  • Interdimensional Traveling
  • Out of body experiences & Lucid Dreams
  • Activation of the pineal gland and decalcification of the pineal gland
  • Activate self-healing
  • Learn the dissociation
  • Leave the matrix
  • Structure of the matrix
  • True Self vs. Ego
  • UFOs, aliens & natural beings
  • Inner Earth and Hollow Earth
  • Rising Consciousness
  • Awakening to unconditional Love
  • Time Traveling
  • PSI phenomena & PSI skills
  • Being the Creator
  • Spiritual philosophy
  • Reality change & reality manipulation

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