Shiva Schreiber’s profile

“Where love awakens, the ego dies, the dark despot” Rumi

Awareness – what is it? On the journey to the inner self, I kept asking myself this question. This journey led through many distant countries with different cultures, religions and spiritual views and practices.

As a child, I often had visions of the future. I often received messages from my spiritual team and information that helped me in my spiritual development. As it turned out, all visions of the future have arrived so far, without exception.

Personally, I work a lot with hypnagogical states, remote viewing, telepathic contact with entities to advance in my spiritual development and expansion of consciousness. In hypnagogic states, knowledge and self-knowledge are often possible, which are not possible in everyday life because the filters of the ego are no longer available.

So it is granted to me to be able to look into many worlds and different dimensions. I have already been able to get to know many many alien breeds. Most of them are humanoid, some K.I. some reptilian, some draconian. As with humans, there are such and such among them, but most of the ones I met were open and open-minded entities.

I can scan people emphatically and often determine directly what they are struggling with. I then like to accompany them out of their “crisis” so that they can continue on their path of awareness.

I was inspired at a young age on my first trip to the Dominican Republic in 2002 by the contagious zest for life of the rural population. Despite bitter poverty, people laughed, danced and played between the corrugated iron huts. Although they hardly had anything themselves, the little was heartily shared. They had apparently found their way to be happy.

On the backpacking tours one could always find that those people who were least satisfied seemed to be the ones who had the least – be it in Europe, Africa, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand or a 3-month camper tour through the entire USA. All of these adventures showed that true joy comes from within.

The two-month job in a children’s aid project in Ecuador was illuminating. The children showed me that happiness is original, they were authentic. I also wanted to reawaken this light-heartedness and authenticity, which led me to my two spiritual trips to and through India to different ashrams.

The meditation experiences in the dark caves of India were impressive. I realized that the darkness is a way back to this light-heartedness and joy, my true self.

“Only if the person is robbed of the outside like winter, there is hope that a new spring will develop in him” Rumi

I would like to share this experience with you to support you on your own way back to yourself. Years of nutritional research was part of the way to a harmonious balance of body, mind and soul and the activation of the pineal gland and I will also accompany you optimally on every step.

And what is the conclusion? Everyone is a creator and therefore responsible for their own reality.

The many years of experience as an awareness researcher include the following priorities:

  • Advice on awareness development
  • Consciousness researchers
  • Vlogger (Matrixxer)
  • Clinical hypnosis
  • Use of holistic methods to dissolve blockages, fears and bonds
  • Basic & intensive courses Bruno Würtemberger
  • Ego and personality work
  • Belief reprogramming
  • Pineal gland activation and clairvoyance
  • Indian meditation practices
  • Parapsychological phenomena
  • Nutritional advice
  • Training in out of body experiences and dissociation
  • Kundalini breathing