What is a twinflames anyway? The misunderstood concept!


Twinflames are a very misunderstood topic. It is often used in the New Age scene to distract.

Basically it’s about soul parts. The oversoul sends out parts of itself to play. These parts can be humanoid, but need not be. And that one encounters these soul parts is rather rare in our incarnation time, because the oversoul wants to concentrate on only one part on earth. Most parts are distributed in all possible dimensions.

However, this does not exclude the possibility that the oversoul has set several options here on Terra, the Earth. This means that it is possible that the Supersoul has “exposed” several parts of the soul on Earth, while the other parts of the soul are playing around in other dimensions.

It is important for us here on earth to establish a connection to all parts of the soul. When you have connected with all parts of the soul, you reach your wholeness here.

Are there Twinflames at all?

Yes! As I said, in today’s world it happens rather rarely because the oversoul wants to concentrate fully on an incarnation, but for certain processes it is necessary to divide the soul part and put it down here on earth. These are the so-called Twinflames. If this is the case, by coming from the same oversoul, you have a very strong connection to the other soul part.


Author: Shiva

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