Ego vs. true self – the ego and its pitfalls

Ego vs. true self – the ego and its pitfalls – Does ego death make sense?

Everyone knows it, THE EGO. But what exactly is the ego and how is it defined? How is it camouflaged and how is it expressed? Can you get rid of the ego and what are the consequences? I would like to address these and many other questions here. How does it control you and how can you control the ego?

At the beginning I want to say that you are not your ego. The ego itself is a program that every being who incarnates on earth gets installed. It is your mind, your thoughts that surround and occupy you day after day. This program selects one of the appropriate aspects (character traits) per night situation and that is your reaction to a certain action.

Once you get to know the ego and see through it, you feel helpless at first. You feel like a victim of the circumstances. The ego selects aspects such as anger, grief etc. and you have the feeling that you cannot defend yourself against it. You know exactly – what emotions you are experiencing are not you, they do not belong to you and yet you feel them. One wonders how do I switch this off? Why do I feel helpless? Am I really a victim of the ego and really exposed to it? Even if it feels that way, you are not at the mercy of him.

Everyone decides at every moment whether you want to act authentically as hour higher self and with integrity or whether you want to choose the ego.

It is a decision. No more and no less. In the comparison between the ego and the true self, it quickly becomes clear when you are in the ego. The ego controls the emotions, the true self is in the feeling. Emotions are spontaneous and affective, they come and go like the wind and ultimately they are not yours. The feeling, however, is steady and stable, it comes from within and cannot be surpassed in depth.

In order to deal with the emotions that overwhelm you and to master them, you first have to be aware: this is “only” the ego. It is much too easy to take something personally and identify yourself with your ego at that moment.
As soon as this is clearly in front of you, you know that you have chosen it yourself. I chose the ego and let it express it through me. I am the creator of everything that is, the situations that I create, the emotions that I feel, the feelings that I feel, the reaction of people to me and the situation in which I find myself.

ego death
With this frequency, binaural beats, you very quickly get into a dissociative state, that is, a state of “inner silence” and also very quickly feel how the ego feels “excited” and “threatened” when listening to this frequency.

I recognize myself as a creator and I am grateful to see that I am the creator of my reality, grateful to see what moves me, what is important to me. Because the ego is also an indicator of what is important to you. What should be clear, however, is that by expressing the ego you usually achieve the opposite of what you actually want. Because, as the name suggests, the ego acts selfishly. The ego itself acts out of selfish motives.
The true intention and the wish for the soul come from the heart, but often one is unable to act from the heart and to make his wish a reality. So you choose the ego that it does the job. And it does. It is only questionable whether the wish as originally intended was also manifested.
From the heart of service to your neighbor, everything is easy and the manifestation practically flows into life without having to fight for it. In the ego you fight for your wish. Everything becomes an eternal great struggle that one believes cannot be won. And that’s usually how it is. The closer you are to yourself, the more authentic and honest you are, the easier life flows, it is as light as a feather in the wind. Trusting that everything is right as it is, there is no struggle, and there is usually no longer any wish.

If you have the goal to exit the matrix, you will have to face your deepest inner desires.

To end the reincarnation cycle, it is necessary that all soul desires are fulfilled, that everything that the being has longed to live has been lived. The intention is in harmony with your heart. And heart and intention are practically synonymous with each other. The intention is the higher self.

© Shiva Schreiber

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