Do it yourself! Release contracts, karma, implants, external energies

release karma

The dissolution of karmic connections, oaths, oaths, foreign energies, contracts, implants is indispensable in the spiritual development.

For many people, today’s times are disturbing and demanding enough. Many of the current situations and learning tasks that people have to go through come mainly from past lives. The learning tasks have been “delayed”.

Therefore I will briefly describe the process here. This method is not my own, but I have used and developed it! I was inspired by Christina von Dreien and Akvile Sava, among others, who use these methods.

I don’t want to talk too much about the pulp here, I want to get straight to the point. Everyone knows karmic entanglements, contracts and promises from past lives, emotional legacies, energies of strangers (some are more sensitive than others). Blockades also exist, of course, since we are multidimensional beings on many levels. It is also necessary to solve this in order to advance the spiritual development.

These frequencies support awareness of the trauma and its triggers, but can also help to find a more comfortable state.

The process works in 6 steps. First of all, you connect with the source, the soul / the higher self. Of course, one must not forget that we are always connected to it at all times. Only most people don’t feel this connection consciously. So, strictly speaking, you do not have to make an active connection, but to be aware of the ongoing connection by simply acknowledging that you have never been disconnected from your higher self and source. And since you can only see well with the heart, the next step after becoming aware would be to feel this connection. Our heart is a portal, literally. So you concentrate on your heart and feel into it. You may not feel anything at first. You set the intention to open the heart and at that moment (the intention is completely sufficient – because the intention is simply another name for the higher self) you may feel how it suddenly becomes light around the heart. And there it is, feeling consciously, of its own true self. Of course, this goes deeper and deeper.

But basically there is no fixed way to feel the connection. Everyone can use his own method. Of course there is also the method of imagining that you take the elevator to the highest level and then you are at the source level. So everyone can get creative here in order to consciously connect with the source.

The second step is to make contracts visible. What does that mean? There are open promises that you have given to someone and open contracts that you have made with someone. But there are also those who have been “bewitched”. Yes, there really is magic: DI have had some encounters with witches in various incarnations and on the astral plane. They weren’t nice at all. They put curses on me, “cast away” my abilities and a lot more. So it is extremely important to disclose disguised contracts first.

In step 3 you read the text (see below) including the table. That is loud or simply mental. Both have the same effect.

In the fourth step, the gaps created must be closed. If you remove something, of course there will be a hole. And this is felt, regardless of the energy. And of course it would be wise to be able to choose yourself with which energy you want to be replenished. That may be healing energy, unconditional love, trust, etc. … However, it must also be said that in the primal energy of unconditional love you naturally contained all other energy. Love is the most powerful and healing by nature.

Of course it depends on the belief. If you believe that healing energy is more effective, it is exactly that. Consciousness creates reality.

In the fifth step, you wait. You can feel what’s going on. Some cannot feel it. But you should know that it happens anyway. Just stay in trust.

Step 6 is about all vibrations being explicitly transformed, i.e. cleaned, healed and sent back to you in pure form.

The last step is of course the most important. Gratitude. That is actually worth a separate article. But in gratitude all doors are really opened. Just feel gratitude for the “burdens” of which you have now become ready.

Enjoy the process in joy and ease!

IMPORTANT!!! It is important to delete the contracts etc. together with all backup copies and effects etc. You can imagine it like on a PC and the cloud. Just because you deleted something on the PC doesn’t mean that there isn’t another copy of the document in the cloud. So of course they have to be deleted too, so that the process is complete and contracts or blockades do not replicate themselves again and can work in one.

brainwaves-dmt out of body
With these frequencies on this MP3, a DMT release is provoked and then the frequencies are transmitted to the brain that cause an out-of-body experience.

Process for dissolving contracts, karma, implants and external energy

  1. Step: Connect to the source
  2. Step: Make contracts visible
  3. Step: dissolve including copies etc.
  4. Step: Fill in gaps with unconditional love
  5. Step: Feel waiting and trust that it has happened
  6. Step: Clean vibrations and bring them back
  7. Step: gratitude

Dissolve: contracts, karma, implants, external energies

Step 1: Connect to the source, soul

Step 2: I want to see all contracts that have been enchanted, made invisible or fogged. I want all of them to be made visible now, on all levels, consciously and unconsciously, including all storage and backup copies, info-energy prints, effects and side effects.

Step 3: I solve all (read the list) who I have entered into and agreed to in this life, all past and future lives, who no longer serve my highest divine well-being, on all levels, in all chakras, my aura, in all my cells in all energy bodies, including all storage and backup copies, infoenergetic prints, effects and side effects. All of this is now completely sent into the light, dissolved and transformed and healed in unconditional love.

Step 4: All gaps and injuries caused by the dissolution are completely filled with the primal energy of unconditional love.

Step 5: Feel, wait and trust that it has happened

Step 6: Now all vibrations, all light, and everything that was lost due to the dissolution should be completely healed, cleaned, integrated and activated and come back to myself and be connected to the one with which it must be connected.

Step 7: feel gratitude.

Types of contracts

  • Contracts, promises, agreements,
  • Own and foreign vows, oaths, vows
  • Own and third party restrictions,Diseases
  • Suffer
  • Generation burdens
  • Shocks, traumas
  • Own and third-party attachments
  • Own and third-party identifications
  • Tanks, chains
  • Own and foreign emotions
  • Energy blockages
  • Emotional blockages
  • Physical and psychological blockages
  • Blockages at all levels
  • Own and foreign fear patterns, guilt patterns, anger patterns, and hatred patterns
  • Karma, karmic entanglements
  • Own and foreign curses, curses, curses, damnations
  • Initiations, sacraments, energetic seals
  • Own and external mental programs, brainwashing, disinformation
  • Own and foreign thought patterns, belief patterns, beliefs, ideas, beliefs, worldviews
  • Own and foreign aversions, enemy images
  • Occupations by foreign energies
  • Foreign energies (from other people thinking or talking about us)
  • Projections (the ideas other people have of us)
  • Connections to collective consciousness
  • Own and third-party constructions
  • Implants, entities, occupations
  • Negative effects of medicationastral constructs (energies programmed with certain commands)
    astral screws and chains
  • Holograms, energy twists
  • All energetic implants (such as microchips, transmitters, switches, timers, etc.)
  • Own and third-party programming, compression, hardening, contaminated sites

super consciousness
On this very complex MP3 you will be guided with the underlying binaural beat in deep delta and gamma areas, while your mind will be guided through Solfeggio frequencies into increased states of consciousness, with which you can look into the depths of your soul, universal knowledge will be shared with you.

Dissolve beliefs, behaviors, emotional responses using the same method

In this way, emotional hurdles can of course also be overcome. In this context it is important to mention that you are aware of the emotional patterns. In other words, you have seen through your depressive pattern. Where does this aspect come from. When does it occur? For example, whenever you are disappointed because something did not work as you expected. Where does it originate from? In this or past life (his feeling unconditionally trust in the answer). Is it a pattern of its own, or an educated one or better adopted from the parents, because e.g. were overwhelmed with the upbringing? All of these questions must be examined and then you can specifically resolve beliefs, behavioral patterns, emotional reactions with the same method.

Type of Emotions & Blockade:

Own and others fear of loss, greed, envy, jealousy, resentment, self-doubt, mistrust, separation thoughts from unity, shame, guilt, hatred, defiance, overestimation, disregard, inferiority, depressiveness, anxiety, sadness, melancholy, aggression, aversions, desires, Selfishness, narcism, own and external control and manipulation, trances, veil of the ego, ignorance, arrogance, selfishness, addictions, ideas, superstition, fanaticism, disguise, carelessness, impatience, injuries, abuse psychologically, physically and energetically, discouragement, victim thinking, Irresponsibility, lack of motivation, lethargy, melancholy, self-loathing, self-denial, dishonesty, insincerity, secrecy, mendacity, communication blocks, sexual blockades and trauma, misinformation, cockiness, discouragement, smallness, cowardice, detachment, mental, psychological and emotional bends

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